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Executive Creative Director

J. Walter Thompson Canada

Jode is one of a kind. A true unicorn in the world of illustrators. It’s not her ability to turn the most insane requests around in short order or the fact that she does so with a smile on her face that makes her special. The fact that Jode is a former creative director and understands what’s required to not just communicate your idea but to sell it to your clients is what makes her such a rarity. 


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Executive Creative Director

Grey Canada

I’ve been working with Jode for years now and she always delivers quality illustrations/boards under tight deadlines. I would recommend her services to anyone.

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Owner Jazhart Studios

I first worked with Jode as an art director for a Fashion piece and then for Telus almost 20 years ago. Her focus, direction and commitment to create the best possible image needs to be commended. Her illustrations are not only unique but create a feel and impact that her clients are looking for. I recommend Jode for any project you are thinking of hiring her for. She is a true creative professional.


Michael Tardiff

VP of Marketing

JS McCarthy Printers

My team had the pleasure of working with Jode on our 2019 Calendar of 19th Century Inventions. Each year we try to choose a theme and design that appeals to a broad audience, that ultimately showcases our print and finishing capabilities. Jode, not only delivered 12 top notch illustrations, she emersed herself in our lingo making sure her work showed off all the things we do here at J.S. McCarthy.

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